The Secret Pianist

Sisters. Traitors. Spies.

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Sisters. Traitors. Spies.

When a British RAF Whitley plane comes under fire over the French coast and is forced to drop their cargo, a spy messenger pigeon finds its way into unlikely hands…

The occupation has taken much from the Cotillard sisters, and as the Germans increase their forces in the seaside town of Boulogne-sur-Mer, Gabriella, Martine and Simone can’t escape the feeling that the walls are closing in.

Yet, just as they should be trying to stay under the radar, Martine’s discovery of a British messenger pigeon leads them down a new and dangerous path. Gaby would do anything to protect her sisters but when the pianist is forced to teach the step-daughter of a German Commandant, and the town accuses the Cotillards of becoming ‘Bad French’ and in allegiance with the enemy, she realizes they have to take the opportunity to fight back that has been handed to them.

Now, as the sisters’ secrets wing their way to an unknown contact in London, Gaby, Martine and Simone have to wonder – have they opened a lifeline, or sealed their fate? 

EDITOR'S CHOICE Historical Novel Society

"This heartfelt WWII story brings to life the everyday challenges people faced when trying to decide who to trust and who will betray them. Complicated characters and dire circumstances create unlikely alliances and make for a unique take on a well-known time period. With plenty of surprising twists and turns, The Secret Pianist is as suspenseful as a mystery, while also deeply moving and thought-provoking. Highly recommended." HNS review, May 2024

Praise for this book

‘A brilliant tale of resistance, sisterhood and dangerous secrets. Andie Newton is a master storyteller!’
‘If you believe every WW2 story has already been told, think again. This one is special.'
"An enthralling, beautifully researched story of courage and resistance in a time of war. Andie Newton is a historical fiction author at the top of her game!"